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If you are selling products or services via your website then you will require a way to accept payments from customers for goods/services.

The most convenient way on the internet today for both the merchant and the customer is to accept credit card payments. There are other payment methods which are also acceptable, such as cheque, post office cheque, Internet banking, direct bank deposit.

The payment methods you choose to use on your website will probably be determined by your budget and volume of sales.

Low budget and/or low volume sales

Recommended payment methods:

  1. Cheque, Internet banking, & direct bank deposit.
  2. Credit card payments using:
    - PayPal or equivalent system such as Pay Mate; OR
    - Manual credit card processing.

Higher budget and/or high volume sales

Recommended payment methods:

  1. Cheque, Internet banking, & direct bank deposit.
  2. Manual credit card payments; OR
  3. Real Time credit card payments (including PayPal)

NOTE: To process credit cards you will require a Merchant Bank Account OR if you're on a tight budget you may want to consider an alternative credit card system such as PayPal or PayMate.

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a special bank account that enables your business to accept payments by credit card either manually or in real time.

Manual vs Real Time Credit Card Payments

  1. Manual Credit Card Payments (suitable for low volume sales)
    Allows you to accept credit card payments "Manually", ie. when a customer on your website makes an order with their credit card, the order would be sent to you via email and your customers credit card information will be stored securely on the hosting server. You would log in with a user name and password to retrieve the credit card details, then you would process the payment yourself by contacting your bank.
  2. Real Time Credit Card Payments (recommended for high volume sales)
    Allows you to accept credit card payments in "Real Time", ie. When a customer on your website makes an order with their credit card, the order would be sent via a "Payment Gateway" to your merchant bank account, hence the payment is processed automatically live in real time.

if you choose to use Real Time Credit Card Processing, you may also require a Payment Gateway Solution. Some banks offer this as part of their solution.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a software program that integrates to a merchant's website and allows real time credit card processing (authorising and settlement) of payments securely on the Internet to the merchant's bank account.

(SSL) Secure Server & Secure Certificate

If you use Manual Credit Card processing the credit card data will transfer via your web server (rather than a payment gateway) so you will also require a Secure Server and Secure Certificate.

Our web hosting clients can use our world-wide secure server and secure certificate free of charge. Alternatively you can buy your own via your web hosting control panel.

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